spread the love campaign

here's something i have learned over my handful of years
as part of this growing inter-web community.

we women have needs.
we all love to be validated, we all love to hear compliments,
and we share what we do, in part, because we like to hear those things.
we need to hear those things.
and not even necessarily in relation to our craftiness or ability to make things,
just validation, for validation's sake.

no, it doesn't mean we are broken,
or that our husbands and mothers are not supportive enough,
it just means a kind word goes a long way...
especially with us woman-types.

i realized that this past year,
i have grown into a case of anxiety.
as i read blogs, or thumb through pins, instead of getting excited to make and do things,
or feeing inspired by my fellow blogger friends,
and instead of thinking, "wow that is something great she did!"
i would feel sick.

partly it is because i have type A/need to be the best/jealousy issues,
i can admit that.

but part of it is just because i wished i had thought it up first.
i hated that the ideas were all taken,
and i was feeling less creative and less motivated to do my own thing.
and worse, i kept telling myself i couldn't.

it meant that when i would come upon a new blog or post that i was impressed with,
part of me didn't want to let the person know.
in my selfishness, i didn't want to tell them how great they were,
cause what would that do,
make them happy??!

see how dumb that is.

i didn't.
not until recently.

and i have almost completely kicked the anxiety.

every time i see a blog i love, i follow it.
even if i know i might not have time to read it much.
but just to let them know, "hey, i like what you're doing here."

every time i see something great on facebook,
i try to comment on it. *positively of course.

every time i see a post with a great recipe, or photo,
or something great on etsy, i pin it or favorite it or whatever it is,
to let them know.

because it made their day to see one new follower, or to see their effort praised!
it made her smile to know they said or made or did something great.

and you know what else?
it makes me feel worlds better too.

we are a community of women all striving to be better,
and i think the fact that we blog and share everything
means we can help each other actually be better!

i hope you will join me in spreading the love.

if you want, grab a button and post it on your blog 
to let people know you commit to spreading the love too.

Grab button for Big Red Clifford

Grab button for Big Red Clifford

Grab button for Big Red Clifford

 *i have a brief soap box about negative comments.
i don't believe in them.
if you don't like something,
don't respond.
it does no one any good!!

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