sailing, popsicles, pinatas, and coconuts

favorite thing we did in mexico: parasailing
{or not pictured: serious wave-running. i need to get me one of those!}

favorite place we ate: local taqueria 
{super cheap & yummy}

favorite drink: virgin pina coladas 
{aka: pinatas- cause you know, we don't drink, so we didn't know...}

 favorite thing i purchased: amazing glasses from the glass blowing factory

favorite cheap treat: mexican popsicles
{have you had these? the real fruit, and amazing kind?}

what we are pretty sure glued us all to our toilets respectively for a week?
coco frio.
"cold", raw, coconuts on the side of the road.
not really cold. not the most... sanitary...
not yummy. and not for days....


but otherwise....

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