a perfect sunday afternoon


this weekend was busy again.

and i got a new calling on sunday.
so i'm no longer in the nursery with this little dude.

i will miss my 20+ little people to spend my sundays with,
but i get to hang out with cute teenage girls,
{one being my own little cousin- lucky!}
and make things, and do fun activities, and teach,
my personal favorite.

i was filled with love from a heavenly father who knows where we belong.
this neighborhood, this family, our dear friends, this ward,
our callings, our church.

when we got home, the sun was out,
the fall leaves were everywhere,
and still falling in the light breeze,
and cc ordered some quality outdoor playtime.

we obliged, of course.

then we went back to spend time with family,
and watched scrooge
{the old school one}

i have to agree with the cheesy charles dickens rendish,
i like life.

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