winter recipes // brownie mint cookies

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so, this can hardly be called a "recipe,"
but it's something the roommates and i decided needed to happen
one cold freezing winter in utah when we were all homesick...

i wanted brownies.
they wanted cookies.

so we made up a brownie mix,
just like the box said,
added 1 cup of flour 
and a whole pack of chopped up andes mints*
{pronounced "an-deez", cc. not ahn-dayz}
and baked em at 325 for about 9 minutes.
they cool/bake an extra minute on the pan, 
then come off perfect. 
like little bites of christmas.

this one, for me, is right up there with the peppermint in the hot cocoa
and the homemade chex mix.
just one of those things that brings it all home for me.

and having my little dude ask me for a "cooogie"
makes me smile.
 like i'm actually a mom that makes baked goods once in a while...

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