dear cc,

i woke up thinking about our first valentines together…

when in one week, we’d be engaged.
when i woke up at the crack to make heart-shaped belgian waffles and strawberries,
packed my carefully purchased love package, and tried to contain my excitement
as i drove the 20 minutes to your house.

your roommate let me in, and we set up before i snuck to your door and woke you up.
the look on your face was my favorite.

then after a fun day with you,
yummy dinner at logans…

we spent a few glorious hours listening to joshua radin in a tiny venue.
where it felt like the world was watching, and non-existent at the same time.
we were young, obviously in love, and couldn’t get enough.
we had to stand for 3 hours, and though we ached later, i would go for the 3-hour hug again any day…

i remember thinking then, that i get many many more of this very same kind of day.
and got butterflies all over again…

we left and got to the car, where you had left me tickets on my seat of your big red truck.
tickets to another concert to see rascal flatts.

i love that we both love music. it makes my heart so happy.

i woke up thinking about how, though it will never be as magical as the first one,
we may not spend as much money as most, it’s all of the little things that make it worth it.
and then we were 1 week from putting a ring on it. today, we are 1 week from a gender revealing sonogram. for #2!  flies, right?

i love your freakin face.
even more so than i did on that day.

and though we are cleansing this week so we can’t celebrate in [only] food form,
{though i know food is your love language. ;}
i love Love Day.

i couldn’t sleep cause i was dreaming up how to recreate that day,
finally settled on the fact that i couldn’t,
then got up to make a list.

a list that could have gone on all day.
i was surprised how many and how fast they came.
the many many reasons why you’re my favorite.

i am the luckiest.
love you,


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  1. Shantel
    February 15, 2013 at 3:26 am (4 years ago)

    This is sweet. Happy Valentines day!<br />