a gender reveal party // clifford style

 this party was so much fun!
i love that this is a "thing", and i love that it turned out to be such a fun surprise,
really made for a fun party with family and friends...

{for the invite, 
i used mostly Bebas, century gothic, 
and ostrich sans rounded fonts}

the food was all food that the baby and i have craved.
lots and lots and lots of junk....

just before the reveal,
we had everyone cast their vote by dropping blue or red into a glass
that we filled with clear soda...

then we all had a "toast" ready for once the cupcakes were cracked into!
{and no one could say, "that's what i thought!" and cheat... ;}

these were our votes...
note his lack of surprise...
smarty pants. 

{sorry for the million fotos.}

though i had girl thoughts all week,
and a few dreams should have tipped me off,
i was in denial until i saw it...

classy cute lela who made the cupcakes 
{and thus held the secret for a week}
brought me her first outfit and the sonogram!
she writes about it here

which was a little interesting to decipher for us non-girl moms...

 thanks, everyone, 
and especially lela 
for helping us have such a fun party!!

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