FAQ // homebirth, midwives, and VBACs

today i am 35 weeks.
i have 35 days to go.
let's hope less...

{this is boss and me last night at his aunt shelby's wedding. more pictures and news on that after we spend the weekend recuperating at the cabin. it was a long 2 days, and we weren't even on the planning committee...}

some questions i have been getting a lot lately:

why at home?

lots of reasons. in the comfort of my home, i get to do this the way i want to. i can eat when i want, have my kid around as much or little as i want, and labor how i feel i need to. i will be less likely to have interventions i don't need, and it will be intimate and just us {and 2 midwives and probably my aunt.} 

so, aren't you nervous to have your baby at home? 
what if something goes wrong?

no. i actually feel safer. with the percentage of women having repeat c-sections in hospitals {above 30% to begin with, much higher if you've had one previously}, i feel more confident i will actually have a vbac at home. midwives are equipped to handle emergencies that come up quickly, so if one presents, they can take care if it. the ones that take time to present (slowing heart rate...etc) give them time to let parents decide if they want to go to a hospital. they have never had to rush if they did end there.

isn't is unsafe to have a vbac?

no. in fact, i had to sign a legal waiver because i'm having one. know what it said? after listing off all of the health benefits of a natural birth for mom and baby, the one risk mentioned was the less than .2 percent chance of uterine rupture. my sonographer let me know that my scar tissue is 16 mm thick, almost 4 times what it needs to be to ensure that isn't a problem {probably because i was hell-bent on my double sutured uterus and a glued tummy}. and, most women who have uterine rupture, don't bleed to death. they are restitched up and sent home.  it's not unsafe. {though i know some of you probably still think it is.}

is that going to be a huge mess in your house?

real answer: i'm not sure. but the midwives let me know already the items i need to have, among them are a few extra sets of sheets, plastic sheets, a liner for the tub they bring..:etc. part of their service is cleaning up after and starting a load of laundry before they go. i plan to be in that tub for most of it, so i don't imagine a huge mess.

so have you seen a doctor at all, or just the midwives?

again: midwives know everything there is to know about birth. they specialize in it. most are nurses first (two of mine are certified nurse midwives). they take blood, give exams, and have tons more advice and good info than any doctor i've been to. there is no need to also see a doctor, just cause they have the title...

what about vaccinations and a birth certificate?

they do that too.

does insurance cover it?

some do, and often it depends in the plan, the provider, and the type of midwife.  a certified nurse midwife is often in networks and can be used. there was one or two in our network here, but not ones i wanted to go to. because we have an HSA account now, and our plan means we have to pay everything up front and out of pocket until we meet out deductible, we will have some of it covered, and the rest reimbursed with tax-free money, which is nice. labs, sonograms...etc are all covered as usual though. for most places, a homebirth is LOTS cheaper than a hospital birth. truth be told, because of where we are we will pay a bit more for ours. still worth it to me.

disclaimer: i think moms should be able to do this birth thing however you want to. by saying this is my preference, i am in no way saying i think any other way is not as good, valid, or perfect for you.

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