dear sweet baby reese,


first things first:

you do realize that today is the day right?  i mean, it’s the day that {by science} we are to understand is the average time a baby needs to cook in there… and i am pretty sure you are fully cooked.

we are doing what we can to get your cute little heel out of my side so we can see it in person,
but we might need some help from you…

the midwife tells me that you will probably be in the 7lb range, which is great… has me hopeful that this whole pushing you out thing won’t be bad…{not that i’m all that worried anyway..} then she also told me that they will basically let me go over as long as you want, provided you are healthy and progressing.
so… just saying, it’s mostly up to you girlfriend.

i mean, we are spicing it up over here as much as we can to do our part.
i mean, spicy food, long walks {mostly through IKEA and Target, but ya know}, getting pedicures, demanding foot rubs, and we even ordered some apparently “labor-inducing” salad dressing from the famous caioti cafe in LA. we are determined to meet you this week!

truth is, i feel like you are already lots more like me than your big brother.
he got himself stuck, and he didn’t see any reason to leave his comfort zone.
“um, come get me… i’ll be right here just waiting where it’s cozy” he told me…
and he was the boss, so we just had to go with it… had to be right… men…

but you? you haven’t stopped moving from the beginning.
you scurried into position as early as possible, stayed right there with determination and persistence.
i know you have fight in you and i’m excited, and a little bit terrified to know how that will translate into your little person personality.

because boss never made it head down, i never felt any real “progress” so this has really been a difference for me to feel contractions, the pressure… like you are stretching your little limbs, getting ready for the marathon we will run together…

i can tell it will be the first of many, you and me. though i was initially in shock and awe mode to think of raising a little girl {because we are in full truck, train, and tool mode here},
i am really excited to meet you and can’t wait to be your mom.

my mom has been here all week, and as we finish sentences and banter and die laughing at silly things and make lists of projects to complete and shop, i am reminded of how special moms and daughters have it. we often joke that we are never really done talking… it’s been one ongoing conversation from the beginning…

yes, that little boy has my heart. and more than once he has brought me to tears this week as his little protective nature tries to care for his mom.
little dudes can be so charming that way…
but you and me get to be friends long after some cute boy takes you from me.
and i can’t think of anything better.

so please get here quick, my sweet baby girl.
we have so much to talk about….


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3 comments on dear sweet baby reese,

  1. Megan Larson
    July 20, 2013 at 12:54 am (4 years ago)

    This is so sweet, Meg. Best of luck in this last (hopefully short) while before you meet your new best little girlfriend (whose name I love, btw). PS My sis in law–who became a Reese!–you know, cause you were roomies and all–had a home beautiful home birth, so I applaud your choice and hope it will be awesome.

  2. Lela Boyd
    July 20, 2013 at 6:09 am (4 years ago)

    I seriously wanna bawl my eyes out. Come on Reese–Mama's waiting! My daughter jealousy is in full force! Hence the bawling…

  3. Amy (So There, by Amy)
    July 20, 2013 at 11:01 pm (4 years ago)

    Ack, this is SO, SO precious and sweet.<br />Wish you the best 🙂