postpartum style finds

i know i have time,
but i’m getting a little antsy to get outta this body.

a friend sent me to check out this site this weekend where lots of women shared their postpartum style tips and this one was fabulous!


it’s so true.
the second that baby is out it’s like, “yay, i’m not pregnant anymore!”
and the very next second is “crap, now what?!”

the boobs are ridiculous, and just make most things pull and tug in the wrong way,
and the belly is just big enough to look fat. and it’s not normal fat though, it’s like soft and squishy,
“i’m just reacting to being a former baby holder in there” fat… it’s not pretty.

cute melissa from i still love you wrote the guest post and since she sews clothes, she had a lot of genius ideas for clothes that flatter the after-bod.

so this morning i’ve been dreaming of the things i might buy to help get me through to the holidays when {hopefully} my body decides to come back…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1. the peplum top: hides the nasty belly, while still looking cute and not “i’m wearing a tent to look thin”. the sleeves are a must for me too. my arms are not true to size at the moment, and most peplums are short sleeves. no thanks. unless i have a cute shorter cardi to go over it…

2/3. the tunic. hangs from the chest so creates a slim line all the way down making it “appear” flat, when really… and the longer top can hang over the pants just enough to hide the hips and the fact that you’re still wearing your maternity jeans.

4. a midi pencil skirt. i have like 5 of these in different prints and they are life-savers. they look like i’m all dressed up in a fitted pencil skirt, but they’re stretchy and have an elastic waistband so they fit pregnant, after, and skinny.

5. a classic maxi. the maxi is a no-brainer. long and comfy, but a hint dressy so you can up and leave without feeling like you’re hanging out in sweats. i just bought one in grey and love it cause it goes with everything. i wear a v-neck t-shirt with longer sleeves and it makes me feel put together. add a cute statement necklace and bam.

6. a flattering dress. i have a few dresses that i can wear these days. they all have a waistband of sorts, a print to distract you from all the bumps and lumps, and are nursing-friendly. also, i don’t buy maternity dresses when i’m pregnant… i just have dresses that work for both. a great pair of spanks and this dress rocks. {i have one pretty similar}.


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