about me

iwrite. ilaugh. iphoto. imom.

as a designer and photographer i'm always looking for ways to improve and pretty up life. whether it be in my own home, or helping women feel gorgeous, pretty things make me smile.
and we all like pretty things.

like you, i'm a work in progress. i'm a mom of 2, i run a few businesses, and i love where i live. i don't have all the answers, but i do have some ideas for people like you. i've tried recipes on my family that are easy, doable, and something you can fit in your life. my "artistic side" enjoys ways to decorate and design on a budget, so maybe i can help with ideas for projects too.

mostly, i am here cause i know you like to be connected like i do. if you're a mom, whether you work, or even if you do neither, you like to sit in your living room and chat it up, right?
that's what i'm here for.

you might be here for the

you might be here for the
furniture or design projects...

you might be here cause you need a
design or print...

or you live in the so cal or phoenix area and need a

or you might be here cause you relate.
in which case, let me know you're here cause
i love blog friends!

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stay in touch!
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why big red clifford?

big red clifford, cause i married a clifford. if you're into love stories and wedding photos,
all of that good stuff is right here.

i wrote a why i blog post a while back that sort of explains why i'm here...

i have a masters in education, my undergraduate degree is in theatre and english education.

i love a good book, pedicures, diet dr pepper, painting furniture, editing code, and eating eating naughty food.

i write about projects, and food, and babies, and photography, and design.

lets be real, this blog and my various sources of income help to feed my family, sure, but i started this journey cause i enjoy and need to write. i stay up nights worrying about stories and moments i might forget. and i can't let it happen.
largely because i'm an insomniac, and largely because i am that one chick you are friends with that never shuts up. i have a lot of crap that needs to get out.

{having a blog probably makes me a lot less annoying...than i could be... and maybe it doesn't...}

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if you are looking for blog design, photo session,
or advertising/partnering
feel free to email me for more information!  

of course, i'd love to hear from you about anything else too.

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